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AutoTwist Kit™ - Salon Style Right At Home

AutoTwist Kit™ - Salon Style Right At Home

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Twist your hair in 3 simple steps:

1. Clip the end of each dreadlock/sectioned of part of hair into the red hooks

2. Push the machine up to safely secure the dreadlock/sectioned in place.

3. Activate to twist the locks and you're all set!

Tired of having to book weeks in advance, just to sit in a
chair for hours and fork over $100+? For one small payment, get access to a lifetime of free fresh twists in less than 25 minutes.

• Enhanced Safety: The motor is designed with safety as a priority, equipped with advanced mechanisms to prevent accidents.
• Sensitive Detection Device: A built-in sensor detects when hair is in the device to prevent it from becoming jammed or causing tangles.
• Anti-Stuck Feature: In case of any potential hair entanglement, the device is programmed to stop immediately to avoid pulling or damage.
• Fast Speed: The motor operates at a high velocity, allowing for quick styling without prolonged waiting times.

High Efficiency: Optimized to deliver the best twisting results with minimal energy

consumption, ensuring a smooth operation.





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