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BaldiePro™ - Get the Smoothest Head Shave Every Time

BaldiePro™ - Get the Smoothest Head Shave Every Time

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Get the fastest and smoothest shave of your life! In just a few minutes, you can shave your head or face without bumps, cuts or pesky razor burn. Perfect for on the go or daily use. Our SmoothShave™ Technology allows you to shave comfortably on any skin type, whether you have coarse, curly or thin hair.

Blades Last 60 Shaves

Our SmoothShave Blade System will last up to 60 shaves before needing to be replenished!

No Ingrown Hairs

Razors cut below the skin line causing bumps. Our blades cut right at the surface.

Wet/Dry Shave

Ability to shave your head without shaving cream or other products, unlike traditional razors.

Ergonomic Design

The BaldiePro is easy to hold and use giving you an effortless smooth shave every time.

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