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Desktop Smoke Extractor™ - Efficient Extraction Anywhere

Desktop Smoke Extractor™ - Efficient Extraction Anywhere

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Efficient Filtration: Adopts activated carbon filter cotton, which has strong adsorption and can filter oil fume efficiently. Filter cotton can be used 4 to 5 times, each machine is equipped with 2 pieces of filter cotton.

Adjustable and One-Button Start: Adjust the angle freely according to the usage occassion, and easily respond to various oil smoke scenarios. The desktop range hood is easy to control. Press the button to choose 3 speed exhaust fan, operate with quick response. Space Saving: Portable range hood with portable design, small and light, convenient storage, great for apartments. Its light and compact volume greatly saves space and gets rid of the limitation that it can only be used in fixed places.

Widely Application: Desktop Cooker hood is ideal for use in small kitchens and countertop or tight living spaces. Whether it's in a studio apartment, a dorm room, RV, indoor BBQ, hot pot, fondueor for camping. Quiet Operation:

Desktop exhaust hood with low noise, less than 6.5 Sones max at the highest speed.Don't worry that it will disturb the meal, enjoy the barbecue and cooking.

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