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DIY Tulip Light™ - Comforting Glow & Captivating design

DIY Tulip Light™ - Comforting Glow & Captivating design

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Looking for an easy DIY project to keep you entertained? 

The home of captivatingflower-inspired DIY night lights that can add elegance to any room.

The soft light and captivating design make Tulip Light lights a beautiful addition to any room. It is also the ideal desktop ornament, adding elegance to your workspace, or giving you a comforting glow in the evenings

P.S Did you know that pink tulips are a symbol for care and good wishes, making Tulip Light a perfect gift for friends or family!


What's Included: 

1 x DIY Cloud Tulip Light 

Same as the one seen in the viral video! 


Multi-Function; use it as a light source or turn off the light and use it as a mirror.


20 cm x 13 cm


Glass, Epoxy, Plastic


 5W and below

Voltage, ≤36V (inclusive)

Plug in:

Button battery


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