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Stop worrying about where to hang your wet laundry!

DryRack can be adjusted to any size wash or dry load. Shows a really roomy horizontal rail for hanging garments. Takes up very little space during the drying process and saves you a lot of time!


Add 77 percent to the amount of space in your home!

Compared to conventional drying racks, the DryRack's footprint is drastically reduced by 77%. The DryRack® can be adapted to any room in your home thanks to its foldable, flexible design and ability to rotate 180 degrees. In a small area, the DryRack's horizontal design provides ten times as much effective hanging space as conventional solutions. Not only can you dry more clothes, but also larger items such as carpets and bedding, which can weigh up to 50 kilograms each.Intrekbaar_Klerendroogrek-block-2_480x480

 ✔With its foldable arm and 360-degree swivel hanging bracket, this retractable drying rack makes efficient use of available space by swinging from side to side. When you are not using it, you can simply fold it up against the wall.

✔Easy to set up thanks to all necessary parts and materials in the package. You can do it in 20 minutes if you just follow the directions.

✔This wall drying rack is built to last with a reinforced base and an aluminum frame that can hold a lot of laundry.

✔Ideal for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms and even on a balcony, this clothes drying rack can be folded for easy storage when not in use. Laundry racks for hanging wet items to dry. Air drying racks for clothes.


 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Material: Aerospace aluminum
Dimensions: 54x6.5x9, 9 0 x6.5x9, 1 20 x6.5x9cm
Color : Black, White

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