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Brow Shaper™ - Flawless, Perfect Shaped Brows

Brow Shaper™ - Flawless, Perfect Shaped Brows

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Facial hair removal tool face epi roller!

This product, created with the slogan of minimum pain, maximum hair removal, takes its origins from the hair removal techniques used in the Far East.

White color 

It comes with a double head and as an option, the epilator product is 260₺

When you move the facial hair removal device face epiroller with its specially designed springs  on your face, you will be able to remove the hair you do not want with the logic of epilation.  

Facial hair removal device face epi roller provides very practical and fast facial epilation. 

Since it removes the hair from the root without breaking it, it helps reduce hair over time.

With our product, you can easily remove your eyebrows, mustache and facial hair.

You will not apply any harmful chemicals to your skin.

Unlike other applications, it is very practical and not expensive.

You can easily carry it in your bag and get rid of hair on your own whenever you want.

Unlike other applications, it does not lift your skin layer.

As you use it, it makes the hairs coming from behind become weaker.

Made from high quality stainless spring steel.

Use 3 product features in one product.

It works with batteries.

Stainless spring is used.

One product 3 functions

 It shapes painlessly with fine point precision and delicacy. It's stylish enough so you always  have perfect  skin wherever you go.

It removes all hair from the skin surfaces quickly and painlessly, leaving shiny and vibrant surfaces.    
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