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MakeUp Brush Spin Cleaner

MakeUp Brush Spin Cleaner

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MakeupBrush SpinCleaner is a revolutionary must-have for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike, allowing fast, EFFORTLESS, efficient cleaning of your brushes and sponges.

Steps for Clean Brushes & Clear Faces:
1. Pour in water

2. Add soap

3. Insert dirty brushes into the cap & put it into the SpinCleaner

4. press the ON button to SPIN AWAY!

5. Stop Spinning, rinse Brushes and Flip the cap to dry your CLEAN brushes!

Its small and portable design makes it perfect at home or whilst travelling, saving you precious time and eliminating the need for tedious manual cleaning sessions.

We need this in our lives because:
-> your face needs clean brushes
-> your time is SOO PRECIOUS, dont spend it scrubbing brushes
-> the SpinCleaner is sooo easy to use and carry around
-> it does the hard work for you so you dont break a sweat
-> the versatile design was built with for us, the lid also acts as a drying rack after cleaning!

Get yours today (& one more for your bestie) and Get ready for lovely clean brushes for flawless makeup application every time! 

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