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Metal Heat Dissipation Case + Built-in Aromatherapy

Metal Heat Dissipation Case + Built-in Aromatherapy

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Explore the excellence of our® case, the result of the craftsmanship of our experts.
Every detail is carefully shaped through high-tech machinery and milling cutters, giving your phone unparalleled elegance.
Our cover is not just a casket of refined metal, but a fusion of style and technology.

Each cover is a unique work of art, custom-crafted to provide your phone with sophisticated protection and advanced functionality.
Discover the perfect blend of craftsmanship, design and technology with our® case and immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience.

 takes advantage of an innovative heat dissipation system, ensuring fast and efficient cooling of your device, preserving its optimal performance.

In addition, we introduce innovative aromatherapy technology, which uses the phone's heat to gently diffuse an enveloping aroma.
This unique sensory experience transforms your daily routine into a moment of pleasure and relaxation.



Our® has strategically placed holes that allow for optimal heat dissipation.

This not only keeps your phone cool in any situation, but also provides a significant benefit to the battery.
Accelerated cooling helps preserve the battery life of your device.
By reducing overheating, our cover helps prevent the rapid decay of battery performance, ensuring more efficient power consumption over time.

The benefits are obvious: a battery that drains more slowly means longer battery life for your phone.
Our cover not only offers protection and style, but actively helps extend the life of your device, keeping it at peak performance for longer.



Through a dedicated spot, you can add personalized fragrance drops to the cover.
As your phone heats up during use, our technology uses this heat to gently evaporate your chosen fragrances, enveloping your surroundings in a relaxing atmosphere.

Every call, message, or moment spent with your phone becomes an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of pleasant and restorative scents.
The synergy between the cooling functionality and aromatherapy makes our cover unique, offering you a ritual of well-being every time you interact with your device.

* We recommend the use of environmental frangrances!



Made from the highest quality metal, our offers unparalleled protection against everyday bumps and drops.

Our artisans devote extraordinary care to creating each individual case, shaping the metal with precision and perfection.

Thanks to this attention to detail, the case not only adds a layer of style to your phone, but wraps it in a durable shell ready to meet the challenges of everyday life.

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