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Pet Carpool Seat

Pet Carpool Seat

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Soft padding, perfect size an extra security to keep your pup calm and cozy while driving. Theperfect way to safely reduce pet car anxiety.
  • Keep Your Pet Safe
  • Stop your pup distracting you
  • Keep your pup calm and cozy
  • Machine washable
  • Built in leash for extra security

    Drives In The Car Should Be Warm, Enjoyable, & Comfortable.

    Not Only For You, Also For Your Dog

    We’ve designed our pet seat different to others ours fits between the two front seats. right onto the center console/armrest. This ensures your pup is always by your side.

    Cloud like padding inside the seat, your pup will be in heaven.

    No longer worry about your pets anxiety in the car this is the perfect way to safely reduce its car anxiety. The seat is designed to securely fit in-between your centre console with durable adjustable straps. The seat fits most cars

    Dont worry about your little buddy jumping around with our built in leash

    Oh and motion sicknessGone, thanks to the unobstructed views the elevated surface provides.


    Around 40% of pets worldwide suffer from anxiety at some stage. Your pup needs to be close to you, especially in a car, as it’s a totally different environment compared to a safe, familiar home.

    Next time when travelling, have them safely carpool right next to you and let them feel more secure than ever before 🐶

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