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Make-Up Brush Cleaner™ - Efficiently Banish Stubborn Makeup Residues

Make-Up Brush Cleaner™ - Efficiently Banish Stubborn Makeup Residues

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Elevate your makeup application game with Brush Babes – where cleanliness meets convenience, and beauty meets responsibility. It's time to give your brushes the care they deserve. Transform your routine with the ultimate brush-cleaning experience.

As Seen on Multiple Viral Tiktoks...

Why Your Skin Will Love It

Firm & Toned

Suitable for all brush types, both synthetic and natural, Brush Babes is a versatile solution for your entire collection. One cleaner to rule them all!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Make up Brush Can I Use?

The Brush Babes Makeup brush cleaner can clean any type of brush. 

Do I Need Soap To Clean My Brushes?

You can use the soap of cleaner solution of your choice to enhance affect. The Brush Babe in itself does not need soap.  

How Do I Clean My Brush Cleaner?

Just simply run it through hot water.  

Is the charging point waterproof?

Yes, but the device is a plug in 



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