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Twist Kit

Twist Kit

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Never pay for a twist again!

Tired of having to book weeks in advance just to sit in a chair for hours and spend money for one same payment, get access to a life time of free fresh twists in less than 25minutes.

Salon style right at home

Over 10,000 customers rave about their new hairstyle. The best part is its whenever you want to do it and however you want it.

How it is used

1. Clip the end of each dreadlock/sectioned part of hair into the red hooks.

2. Push the machine up to safety secure the dreadlock/sectioned in place.

3. Activate the it to twist the locks and your are all set!

Tech and safety features

  • Enhanced safety- The motor is designed with safety as a prority, equipped with advanced mechanism to prevent accident.
  • Sensitive detection device- A built-in sensor detects when hair is in the device to prevent it from becoming jammed or causing tangles.
  • Anti-stuck feature- In the case any potential hair entanglement, the device is programmed to stop immediately to avoid pulling or damage.
  • Fast speed- The motor operates at high velocity allowing for quick styling without prolonged waiting time.
  • High efficiency- Optimized to deliver the best twisting result with minimal energy consumption, ensuring a smooth operation.


  • Can I use the tool on all hair types and length?
    Yes it is designed to work on various hair types and length. However extremely short hair may not be suitable for this tool.
  • Is it safe for my hair?
    Absolutely, the tool is designed with safety in mind. It uses gentle twisting motion to create braids without causing damage to the hair.
  • How long does it take to braid my hair with this tool?
    The braiding process is dependent on the amount and length of hair you will twist. Usually it can be completed in less than 25 minutes 

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